Reflecting on 2022…….

I’ve had huge shifts in workload following lockdown, resulting in my one-person psychology business now having a more focused offering. Setting out as independent 3 years ago, I really wanted to engage in all kinds of projects – not anymore! Now: only leadership coaching (and only in small packages) and workshop facilitation (leveraging a fairly standardized set of tools). The trimming has created headroom to fine-tune, reflect and engage in a more committed way – in a sense, making things smaller has made the experience greater.

Warm thanks to the clients I have worked with in 2022, you have all taught me a lot and I hope I have contributed in a positive way to your business and personal growth.

Also, I stumbled across an opportunity in my home street in Copenhagen and opened Ulden, a small specialty yarn store, in May. This fulfils many objectives including a long-term dream: to work with my family. In the store, a small team of relatives – prominently, my son Jonathan – is delivering fantastic smiles, help and yarn to the Copenhagen knitters! Retail is new to me; fortunately, Jonathan has extensive training and real-life experience, limiting my damage 😊

Warm thanks also to the wonderful, patient, creative customers supporting this tiny shop.

The two activities complement each other perfectly. Business psychology is my primary work: intensive, growth-oriented, high-touch. Life in the store is fun, super-busy and creative. The balance is great. I’m feeling deeply thankful, happy, confident.  

Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year. Yay, 2023!!