Motivation workshop

This is not a training session! We’re going straight to work on  your actual challenges and building a plan on how to help solve them.

Duration: 2,5-3 hours

Number of participants: 3-8. The workshop is scaleable if you are a larger group.

Target audience: Cross-functional teams, leadership teams, functional departments etc.

Format: Face-to-face, no virtual participants

Venue: at your office or at Dampfærgevej in Copenhagen

Equipment: whiteboard, pens, post-its

Purpose: To build a joint plan for how you can improve your motivation and collaboration


  • Uncover your real-life challenges
  • Find themes and prioritize them
  • Generate solutions (facilitator contributes with her ideas also – you decide what to move on with)
  • Choose the most important ones
  • Agree who does what

Outcome: workshop products and plan are documented in a short written summary.