Workshops / training

Getting together to accomplish a joint task or learn something new, stimulates teamwork and creates new common insights above and beyond the formal output or capability.

I offer facilitation of workshops and education, and am happy to plan sessions according to your special interest areas. Workshops are a great format if a group needs to:

  • build a plan
  • solve problems
  • make decisions

The workshop methodology is content-free – content is provided by the participants.

Facilitation and meeting management is offered generally, eg if you are kicking off a new project, running a staff-/leadership seminar, or a teambuilding day.

Various pre-completed sessions are also available:

I focus on variation, involvment of participants, creating space for individual contribution and learning, and on delivering actual results for you to take home, eg in the form of polling reports.

Reach out for a dialog on your needs.