Upside-down view of stress

This event in two parts can serve as joint inspiration to your team:

  • First, a one-hour training covering new science of stress (content below). Inludes exercises in managing setbacks for personal reflection,
  • Q&A session (30 minutes, best scheduled approx one week later) to address individual questions and concerns anonymously in the joint forum, building knowledge of the universal experience stress is.

Duration: 1,5 hour

Participants: up to 50

Target audience: Crossfunctional teams, leadership teams, departments, etc

Format: Physical meeting and/or virtual

Purpose: explore your knowledge and views of stress, and give you new insights and tools to overcome hard periods

Stress has many dangerous consequences. It causes serious illness (anxiety, depression and many physical ailments) and hurts our memory and performance. But some people seem to manage stressful situations better, they work their way through difficult times without losing their calm. The most impressive sports and business performances typically occur in situations with high stress levels. Why?

Scientific research is now looking into post-traumatic growth. Even significantly stressful events will also create development and positive learning, in parallel to the very negative experience. Our nervous system offers more stress reactions than fight-or-flight, and stress can even make us more social, courageous and attentive.

The event is for those wanting an introduction to “growth mindset”, the neurological foundation for stress, and the opportunities and risks associated with stress. You will hear about how our convictions can help improve performance, focus and job satisfaction.

Recent research findings are presented in an approachable and light way, and tools to deal with setbacks are shared. The event is not selling stress or false optimism – nor is it re-bottling stress as a healthy form of lifestyle supplement. The objective is to balance the understanding of stress, and to tweak the stress mindset just a little.