Focused conversations

It has to change! But what specifically, and how?

Your work is important to you, and striking a balance with your personal life is important, too. You’re highly skilled, ambitious, hard-working. Still, you may be experiencing a pressing need for change but are uncertain of how to get started. Your special skills and strengths are not fully utilized or appreciated, or maybe you’re unsure of what your special skills and strengths really are. You may feel disappointed – in your boss, your co-workers, or your life – or emotionally drained. You may even have received some unexpected negative feedback.

You are looking to have a clearer view of your core values, options and challenges, and you are prepared to invest some of your precious time and effort to get it.

My approach is straightforward: we meet 3-4 times and work with your personal values, your “triggers” and your ability to live with friction (uncertainty, ambiguity and conflict). Your attention, ability to reflect and to display a conscious, natural behavior is strengthened. Then follows a period of 5-6 months where you work on your own, practice in the context of everyday life, and pay close attention to your development. You come back for singular meetings if the need arises, to discuss specific challenges or practice a specific skill.

I’m on your side, but I may challenge you. Help you uncover cause-effect relationships and train new behaviors. Cultivate your growth mindset and conflict skills. I will work from your insight and understanding; you may have test results and scores from your past and we can review them together – we only work with the scores that are important to you. I take responsibility for the structure and progress in our conversations and point you towards inspiration beyond our conversations: exercises, literature, podcasts, talks, etc.